Unforgettable moments happened in Croatia

Though there are many options to spend a vacation, nothing can give the excitement that people get in travelling. Particularly visiting new places is always a good thing because it can help the people to explore different cultures and also to see the amazing elements in the world. Me and my friends always interested in travelling to many new places. Therefore we planned to spend our vacation in a beautiful and a new place. My friend has searched many places in the internet but none of them were impressive. Fortunately we have seen some images of Croatia and we want to discover more things about the place.

Croatia view

Croatia is an Eastern European country which has a long coastline and the place is very familiar for the yacht charter riding and thousands of small islands. These factors were impressed and made us eager to visit the place. Hence we arranged everything and booked the hotel to stay. In the following passages you can get to know about the interesting things we have experienced in the Croatia.



Trogir is the most beautiful and neat place we have ever seen. The city is generally known as historic town since the place has many histories in the ancient period. Even we have seen many historic places in the city and we were amazed by its excellent architecture and construction. The main thing that has to be mentioned about the city is its cleanliness. The government authorities of the city are maintaining it in the proper manner and also there was no pollution in the city.

Trogir in Croatia

It was the most beautiful place that we have ever seen. The whole city was very clean and we have not found a bit of pollution there. The authorities are maintaining the city in such manner. Also in every place there are many trees and that gives the natural and beautiful environment to the people living there. Even we wanted to stay there forever. We roam around the entire city and seen many historic places. We have heard the city is also known as historic town.

Trogir again